In this section, you will find answers to questions frequently asked by students wishing to study French at École Québec Monde.
If you need additional help with information or registration procedures, please contact us directly at info@ecolequebecmonde.ca . We will be happy to answer you as soon as possible.

Do I need a visa to study in Canada?
You do not require a Study Permit if your French immersion program lasts 26 weeks or less, but you might need a Temporary Resident Visa to visit Canada. Please go to the official website of the Canadian government for all the information you will need about various Canadian visas.
Do I need a Quebec Certificate of Acceptance (CAQ) to study in Quebec?
You do not need to apply for a CAQ if your French immersion program lasts 26 weeks or less. For information regarding studies in Quebec, please go to the official website of the Quebec government.
If I do not have a CAQ, how long am I allowed to study in Quebec?
You may study in Quebec for up to 26 weeks without having to obtain a CAQ.
And if I want to stay more than 26 weeks?
Please go to the official website of the Quebec government to obtain more information on this subject.
Who needs a letter of acceptance from the school and how can I get one?
International students who need a Visa or a Study Permit also need a letter of acceptance from École Québec Monde. École Québec Monde will send you this letter as soon as you pay the registration fee and, if applicable, the accommodation administration fee, as indicated ►here.
Can I work while I study?
If you want to work, you will need a work permit, unless your country has a special agreement with Canada or Quebec. For more information please go to the official website of the Canadian government.

Before courses start, how does École Québec Monde determine my French level?
All students take a written placement test on their first day at École Québec Monde. The test is followed by a face to face oral assessment.We use both the written test and interview to evaluate the level of the students so as to place each one of them in the relevant group or design the ideal study program in consideration of their needs and goals.
How many levels of instruction are there at École Québec Monde?
There are 6 levels at École Québec Monde, ranging from "Perfect Beginner" (ÉQM 0) to "Advanced" (ÉQM 5).
When should I start taking my courses?
Complete beginner students should register on the dates that correspond to Arrival ÉQM level 0. Students from other levels should register on the dates that correspond to Arrival ÉQM level 1 to 5. The calendar is available ►here.
What training do your instructors have?
Each École Québec Monde instructor has a university degree in an area related to French or teaching and has language teaching experience.
After I have registered for a group course, can I add on some private lessons?
Yes, you can, but note that from June to August, our high season, it is possible that there is no more availability. It is always advisable to register for private lessons as soon as possible, especially during the high season.
If I do not know any French at all, can I register for courses?
Yes. Students with no knowledge of French - ÉQM Level 0 - need to consult the calendar ►here to know which dates are reserved for them. Please note that a typical EQM level 1 student knows a few words of French: the alphabet, numbers up to one hundred and some basic vocabulary.
What is the schedule like?
Classes are from Monday to Friday, between 8:30 am and 5:15 pm, as planned by the Director of Studies. The schedule is prepared weekly, once the new students are evaluated. A group class (3 to 8 students) of 4 lessons per day is from 8:30 to 12:30 or from 1:15 pm to 5:15 pm. A 4-lesson class will never be more than 3 times a week in the afternoon.

Can I request to have my classes at a specific time?
In the case where a student expresses particular scheduling preferences, we do our best to answer them but we also need to maintain ideal learning conditions for all students. The director of studies, with the collaboration of the teachers, meticulously considers all the elements before finalizing the schedule. Scheduling preferences may be impossible to answer during high season.

What is involved in a typical course at École Québec Monde?
We put into practice all aspects of language learning with an emphasis on communication and oral comprehension. Group courses generally include the following key elements:

  • Guided exercises for oral expression and listening comprehension
  • Vocabulary and structures
  • Homework assignment and correction
  • Exercises for reading comprehension and written expression
  • Communication and oral expression activities
Will I get some sort of certificate at the end of the course?
Yes. Students receive a certificate indicating the name of the program and the number of hours completed.  Furthermore, students enrolled for 2 weeks and more also receive a qualitative assessment from their teacher. Both documents are signed by the director and the academic director, and by the teacher when applicable. Obtention of the certificate and the qualitative evaluation requires at least 80 percent attendance.

When do I need to register?
We recommend that you register at least four weeks before courses start. This is all the more important if you register to our homestay program since placement is done on a first paid-first served basis.
When to start an immersion program?
It is important to consult our calendar ►here before enrolling in a French immersion program. Complete beginner students should register on the dates that correspond to Arrival ÉQM level 0. Students from other levels should register on the dates that correspond to Arrival ÉQM level 1 to 5.
How long do the sessions last at École Québec Monde?
The concept of sessions does simply not exist at École Québec Monde. The length of your stay is at your own discretion. We do suggest a minimum of two weeks so that you get the most out of your language experience.

What are the Civic Holidays during which the school is closed?
Please take note that École Québec Monde is closed during the following Holidays:
New Year's Day - January 1st
Good Friday - The Friday preceding Easter
National Patriots' Day - The Monday preceding May 25
Québec National Day - June 24
Canada Day - July 1st
Labor Day - First Monday of September
Thanksgiving - Second Monday of October
Christmas - December 25
and the week between Christmas and New Year's Day.
You are welcome to consult the calendar ►here for more details.

When is my payment due?
Payment must be made in full 14 days before the start of French immersion courses at École Québec Monde. An initial payment must be made at registration if an entry visa for Canada is required.
How much does a French immersion stay at École Québec Monde cost?
The cost of an immersion stay is based on the program you select and the number of weeks you decide to study.
How do I register?
Since you are already on our website, the easiest way is to Register online ►here. You can also send in your registration form by email, by fax or by mail making sure that you have filled in all the information requested.
What happens if I cancel my registration at École Québec Monde?
The cancellation policy is available ►here. Please read carefully.
What is the refund policy if I am refused entry by the immigration services?
For foreign students, an official letter of refusal from the Canadian Embassy is required for reimbursement. Please see ►here for more details.
Can someone pick me up at the airport?
No. Due to delays, cancellations and other common problems, we must stop offering the airport transfert on arrival. Québec City Airport offers a taxi service costing approximately $ 35. However, if you wish, we can organize transportation on departure, whether to the airport, the terminus or the train station. Arrangements are made directly at École Québec Monde.
Do I need health insurance coverage to study at École Québec Monde?
Medical insurance is mandatory for all students of École Québec Monde. Canadian students are covered by their provincial health insurance. It is important to check what is the procedure for reimbursement and compensation. Please note it is essential to bring your health insurance card. Non-Canadian students attending École Québec Monde must submit, before the start of classes, proof of the medical insurance contracted prior to departure. École Québec Monde offers the possibility to subscribe to its medical insurance plan at the time of registration. It is also possible to do so, on site, before start of classes. See more information here.

What type of accommodation is offered by École Québec Monde?
You are invited to register to the homestay program offered the members of our superb team of Francophone hosts and hostesses.

When do I need to register?
We recommend that you register at least four weeks before starting classes. This is particularly important if you register during the months of June, July and August - during peak season - since placement is done on a first paid-first served basis. 
Do the arrival and departure dates of my homestay program have to be the same as the dates of my courses?
Usually, students arrive on the Sunday before the start of their classes and leave on the Saturday following the end of their course. All additional nights are invoiced to the student and are subject to availability. Municipal bylaws impose a limit of one (1) additional night at the beginning and one (1) night at the end of the immersion program. Additionnal nights are not available during high season (June-July-August).
Where are the homestays located?
Some homestays are located within walking distance of École Québec Monde. All can be reached by bus. Your bus ride might take 10 to 45 minutes depending on where your homestay is located.
Who are the hosts and hostesses?
Our team consists of French speaking hosts and hostesses with whom we have been collaborating, for the most part, for several years. We know each one of them personally and have visited their home, paying a special attention to the comfort of the student's living space.
Can I contact my homestay before my arrival?
Yes, indeed! We strongly encourage you to contact your homestay as early as possible before your arrival. That way, you can be certain that there will be someone to welcome you. École Québec Monde will send you the contact information for your homestay as soon as your placement is confirmed.  
Can I change homestay?
Yes. As indicated ►here, a fee applies to all requests of change. In addition, unless it is an emergency, the change takes effect the Sunday following the reception of the request.

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