École Québec Monde originates from Québec Monde, a not-for-profit organization dedicated since 1983 to the international eminence of Quebec and the French language.

École Québec Monde offers courses in French as a Second Language (FSL) and French as a Foreign Language (FFL). Our services are available to anyone in the world who wishes to experience a French language study stay in Quebec as well as to any private, public or para-public companies and corporations.

École Québec Monde is the first French immersion program approved by Languages Canada in the greater Quebec City area.

École Québec Monde offers a unique and personalized approach, where the student soaks in the Québecois environment and Quebec’s joie de vivre.
École Québec Monde is located in downtown Quebec City, close to numerous restaurants, cafés, shops, parks, and cultural institutions, and a few minutes’ walk from Le Château Frontenac, train and bus stations, pedestrian paths and bike paths. It is the perfect place for you to completely take advantage of your stay in Quebec City.
An experienced management staff, a team of skilled and inspired teachers, a warm atmosphere and an exceptional geographical situation speak volumes in favor of École Québec Monde.



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